Pickleball at Two Rivers

Pickleball at Two Rivers

Have you heard about pickleball? It’s a paddle sport combining elements of badminton, tennis and ping-pong, and it’s one of the hottest sports trends for active adults right now. In fact, many residents at The Villages at Two Rivers are avid players! If pickleball sounds like something you’d be interested in, read on to learn all about this fast-paced and fun activity!

Pickleball can be played by all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple, so it’s an easy game for beginners to enjoy and for those pickleball experts, the game can quickly climb to fast-paced and competitive.

The game can be played on an indoor or outdoor court–built specifically for pickleball, or modified from an existing tennis or badminton court using a modified tennis net. The court is similar to a tennis court, with right and left “service areas” and a non-volley section on either side of the net, referred to as the “kitchen.”

Players use a plastic ball with holes and paddles. Paddles are smaller than a tennis racquet, but larger than a ping pong paddle and are primarily made of lightweight composite materials.

Pickleball games can be played as a doubles or singles match, making this activity a great way get to know your new neighbors at The Villages at Two Rivers. And though this game can be competitive, it is also a social activity and a favorite among active adults.

Our residents at Two Rivers enjoy pickleball and other fantastic community amenities and social gatherings! Get ready to have some fun!

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