Builders Are Essential – And That’s Good for Everyone!

Builders Are Essential – And That’s Good for Everyone!

Builder Wearing Mask | Two Rivers

Is your house starting to feel like it’s shrinking? Is working from home from your dining room table starting to get to you? Is taking the dog for walks around the same old streets getting to be a drag? We understand – we’re feeling it too! Here at Two Rivers, we’ve changed a lot of things about how we’re conducting business, for everyone’s safety, so that we can continue to provide gorgeous, spacious homes for our customers.

In Maryland, builders and the building supply chain have been deemed essential, which allows builders at Two Rivers the ability to continue providing safe, healthy housing that is very much needed. As Clark Ellis, Principal & Cofounder of the Continuum Advisory Group, says, our “most fundamental need is for shelter, our homes.”

At Two Rivers, we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our builders and their employees safe. Clayton DeKorne, Chief Editor of the JLC Group, notes that “builders…are unanimous in the need for social distancing on job sites and in stores.” We have taken all appropriate measures as laid out in the National Association of Home Builder’s Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Plan, which gives guidance to onsite construction workers on safety and prevention of transmission. Our builders are using technologies such as AR and VR to manage job sites and complete inspections to reduce the number of employees physically present on job sites to reduce the spread.

We are also continuing to build because the need is not only for homes, but also for jobs. With over 1/3 of the United States economy sitting idle, it is important to remember that for every 1000 average homes built, 2975 jobs are created. We’re doing our part to keep the economy strong and moving forward!

One very positive outcome of this experience has been the rapid adoption of technologies that lead to a better customer and resident experience. We have shifted to using video call technology to interact with residents and potential residents. There are many more virtual tours available, which will be helpful long after the “stay at home” order is lifted. More automation is being built into homes now that will enable a better resident experience by reducing the amount of time spent by staff on maintenance – which means more time to interact with our community personally!

Two Rivers is committed to continuing to build much needed housing for our customers. Do you need a home with two offices? A home with a space just for the kids to play? A community with lots of outdoor spaces and trails to keep you and your family healthy and happy? Contact us today! We are available by phone and email for any questions you have for us about our homes or builders, and we also have <link>virtual tours</link> available on our website. Our promise is to continue our tradition of creating stunning, efficient homes for you and your family in a healthy, safe community.