Ideas for Low-Impact Exercises

Ideas for Low-Impact Exercises

If you find that most forms of exercise are too hard on your joints, you’re not alone. Many active adults suffer from joint problems and arthritis, and therefore find that common forms of exercise, such as jogging, is not ideal.

If you’re in a similar situation, don’t give up hope! There are plenty of options for low-impact exercises that can provide the muscular and cardio benefits you’re seeking, while being easy on your joints too.


Namaste! There are variety of yoga methods, but all of them will help improve your balance and flexibility, and build strength. Yoga is an excellent low-impact option for your joints! As an added bonus, yoga is well-known for providing mental, as well as physical, benefits.


Have you ever tried cycling? It offers great cardiovascular benefits, builds strength and is easy on your joints. Autumn is an especially great time to choose cycling as a new exercise of choice. You’ll have perfect weather and beautiful scenery to enjoy as you take advantage of our walking and biking trails in The Villages at Two Rivers and especially our new edition to the WB&A Trail! If you’re new to cycling, be sure to get properly fitted for your bike to avoid any possible knee pain.


Walking is another great way to enjoy the beauty of The Villages at Two Rivers this fall! Walking has numerous benefits and is perfect year-round. If walking is your new low-impact exercise of choice, start out by taking brisk 10 minute walks your first week, and slowly increase your walking time by 10% each following week.


The buoyancy property of water means that swimming is a particularly excellent choice for a low-impact exercise! In addition, swimming provides a great cardio workout and builds muscle. Residents at The Villages at Two Rivers can take advantage of swimming as a low-impact exercise whenever they want with our beautiful indoor pool!