Why You Should Welcome the New Neighbors (and How!)

Why You Should Welcome the New Neighbors (and How!)

Moving into a new home can be an incredibly exciting experience, but everyone who has ever moved knows it can also be a stressful one. The stress alone is just one of the reasons you should welcome your new neighbors–it’s a nice gesture and can help reduce some of their stress!

There’s nothing like a smiling face to make you feel right at home and melt away some of your anxiety about moving.

Another reason to welcome the neighbors? The practicality of getting to know those close to home! Need someone to water your plants, or hang onto a spare key, just in case? Your new neighbors will come through for you!

Welcoming new neighbors and making a good first impression is undoubtedly a good move, and here are some tips to get to know your new neighborhood friends!

Make an introduction!

You may want to a wait a few days after the neighbors have moved in, as they’ll likely be busy with the chaos of unpacking. If you feel more comfortable introducing yourself when you have some friends by your side, form a welcoming committee with a few other residents and introduce yourselves to the new neighbors together.

Bring over a dish.

One popular way to welcome new neighbors is by bringing food, especially as it could be several days before they’re able to cook for themselves. Pasta or desserts always make excellent welcome goodies. Just be considerate of possible food allergies when baking or cooking.

Prepare a basket.

If you prefer skip cooking, consider a “Welcome Basket.” Include gift cards to local stores and restaurants, a map of the surrounding area and additional information about the new town. For our current neighbors at The Villages at Two Rivers, consider a few goodies from the shops at Waugh Chapel or maps and attractions of nearby downtown Annapolis.

Host a dinner party.

Consider hosting a dinner party and inviting the new neighbors as the guest of honor. We recommend waiting a week or two so they can settle into their new Maryland home. But, if you love to entertain, this could be a perfect way to welcome new residents to the neighborhood.