What Do Baby Boomers and Seniors Want Most in a Home?

What Do Baby Boomers and Seniors Want Most in a Home?

Members of every generation are defined by different characteristics, behaviors, interests, values and preferences – and a recent study completed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) illustrates that these generational differences extend to preferences in home and community features.

The study details home buying preferences across several generations – Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and Seniors – exploring which home features are on the “most wanted” list for these generations, as well as home and community features that are on the “most unwanted” list.

The results not only reflect the characteristics of each generation, but are also telling for home builders and community developers, who can incorporate these features into their homes and communities depending on which generation they’re targeting as home buyers.

For home builders in active adult communities such as The Villages at Two Rivers, the preferences of the Baby Boomer and Senior generations are of particular interest. The NAHB study found that for both generations, a laundry room, a full bath on the main level, and exterior lighting all ranked on the top desired features in a home. Active adults residing in Classic Group homes in The Villages at Two Rivers can find all of these features in their new homes!

According to the NAHB study, Baby Boomers and Seniors also share similar distaste for certain home and community features, such as a day care center, pet washing station, wine cellar and two-story family room. If you consider the lifestyles of these generations, those “unwanted” features make sense. At Classic Group, our role as both a builder and developer in The Villages at Two Rivers has allowed us to make sure that both the homes and the community are tailored toward the lifestyles of our 55+ residents – including features they do want, while leaving out those features that are less desirable.

If the NAHB study is any indication, homebuyers in the Baby Boomer and Senior generations are looking for homes and communities that maximize convenience and suit their lifestyles. At Classic Group, we recognize this need, and we’ve built our new homes and developed the community to best suit the preferences of our active adult residents!

SOURCE: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)