Things to Consider When Considering Buying a Boat in Odenton, Maryland

Things to Consider When Considering Buying a Boat in Odenton, Maryland

You’ve got the house of your dreams, in the active adult community of your dreams — The Villages at Two Rivers, of course. You’re settling in, and you’re so excited about discovering common interests among your neighbors; about planting your very own vegetables in your very own vegetable garden; about loving this new, exciting chapter of your life.


But something is missing.


What could it be?


Could it be… a boat?


Yes! That’s it. You need a boat!


You’ve always wanted to own a boat, and Odenton, Maryland is the perfect place to make that dream come true. Located just a few short miles from the Severn River, active adults and boating enthusiasts alike will find no shortage of opportunities to slip into the water.


So if you’re considering buying a boat in Odenton, Maryland…


Ask yourself these questions first.


What kind of boating do you want to do?


The answer to this question will go a long way toward helping you narrow down what type of boat to buy. Are you interested in long-distance offshore sailing, or just a quick jaunt down the river? Think carefully about what you want, and make an educated, informed decision accordingly.


Do you want a sailboat or a powerboat?


The answer to the last question will influence this: Either style of boat will require knowledge of seamanship and marine maintenance, but what you’re yearning to get out of your time on the water is of key importance. In a sailboat, life is about the journey, but if you’re looking for speed — or just want to get from points A to B — a powerboat may be the thing for you.


Do you want a new or used boat?


Deciding ‘new’ or ‘used’ matters less about your lifestyle, and more about your budget. New boats will, clearly, cost more, but you can also ensure you get exactly what you want. On the other hand, the used boat market is flooded with options, and you’ll have more leeway to negotiation on price. (Say, you might purchase a 2015 model 36-foot Island Packet for around $357 thousand, while an earlier, similar model might sell for less than half that.)


Of what do you want your boat to be made?


Sure, most boats are built of fiberglass, but there’s also the option for steel, wood, or even carbon-fiber. (There’s so much to consider!) If you’re in the market for a sailboat, you’ll have to decide: Monohull or catamaran? And how many masts? Those Maryland active adults looking to purchase a powerboat must consider: Trawler or fishing boat? And how many engines?


A boat is a big investment, and one you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying for many years to come as you sail (or motor) away into life as an active adult.