10 Steps To Take Before Choosing An Active Adult Community

10 Steps To Take Before Choosing An Active Adult Community


1. Choose an area

First, decide where you would like to live by region, state, and then city.

2. Make a list of your wants and needs

What are your hobbies and can you pursue them here? What other activities are there that you may wish to try in the future? Do you want a resort-type active adult community? Do you want to be close to a particular medical facility? Make a list putting your highest priorities first.

3. Decide on your budget

How much is the homeowner’s fee and what does it cover? Are there any other fees? Make a list of your total expenses.

4. Make appointments to visit

A good plan is to contact the community or home builder and let them know you’re interested. Visiting gives you more detailed information.

5. During your visit, be observant

Notice if the landscaping is well kept and beautiful. Find out what amenities are offered. Make sure the floorplan makes your life easier.

6. Check out the transportation options

How far is the shopping center? What else is nearby? Will you go from two cars to one? How far is the airport?

7. Know your shopping options

Where are the grocery store and major shopping: Is there a shopping center located nearby and where is the major shopping mall.

8. Check out the emergency services and hospitals

Fortunately, most active adult communities are located near these facilities since adult community home builders know this is an important factor.

9. Research security services

Find your peace of mind

10. Now choose which communities you like best

Choosing an adult community is easier than you think. Soon you will enjoy the new sense of freedom and pleasure that only a great active adult community can offer.