7 Tips for Going Green-Friendly at Home

7 Tips for Going Green-Friendly at Home

Purchasing a new home is a wise decision for so many reasons, including energy and resource efficiency! As you consider your move to our beautiful Odenton, Maryland active adult community, here are some great tips for going green in your new home.

1. Go Sustainable: Use non-toxic refinishes and recycled and sustainable materials whenever you can. Maximize your use of recycled and sustainable materials in your home from the cutting boards you use in your kitchen to the decor accents.

2. Be Smart with Lighting: Trade an incandescent lightbulb for a compact fluorescent one. Doing so can prevent over 400 pounds of greenhouse gases!

3. Kick the Bottle: The water bottle that is, by trading in your plastic ones for a glass reusable water bottle. Opt for a wide-mouth bottle so you can easily keep it clean and sparkling.

4. Keep the Air Conditioning Off: At least when you’re away from home. A/C units use a ton of energy and it saves you money too. So whenever you’re out of the house, turn off the unit.

5. Be Wise with Heat: Same as your air conditioner, the heater in your home burns a lot of energy as well. Use heat sparingly and check for any drafts coming from doors or windows. This is an easy fix with a little caulk. But, in your new home at The Villages at Two Rivers, you won’t need to worry about any escaping heat!

6. Go Natural: Kick the chemical habit with green-friendly cleaning chemicals for your kitchen, bath and other areas of your new home. They’re better for the environment, your health and your new Maryland home.

7. Have Fun Shopping: Switch to reusable bags that you can use grocery shopping and running errands. Pick reusable bags that you love, that are colorful and that add a little something special to your errand running task.