Crofton Chamber of Commerce After Hours Mixer

All-Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have In Your Home

Decorating Tips for Your Brand New Home

Ideas for the Ultimate Tailgating Party

What to Recycle

Crofton Chamber of Commerce After Hours Mixer

This Thursday, October 27th, the Crofton Chamber of Commerce will host its Monthly After Hours Mixer in the Ballroom of our award winning Villages Club at The Villages at Two Rivers. Classic Group’s Vice President, and Builder and Developer of Two Rivers, Bill Gerald, will kick-off the event with a special welcome message to all guests and attendees.

The Village Club officially opened its doors this past May with a special Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and reception. This 15,000 sq. ft. clubhouse is a beloved amenity for the residents of the Odenton, Maryland active adult community. Situated in the heart of The Villages at Two Rivers, the Villages Club boasts both an indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, culinary kitchen, meeting rooms, grand ballroom and is home to the community’s Welcome Center, open 7-days per week.

We’re thrilled to welcome the Crofton Chamber of Commerce and guests at this monthly Chamber event. Come mingle with fellow Chamber members and supporters and friends of Two Rivers and enjoy a selection of light refreshments, as well as Cash Bar. This event is free to Crofton Chamber of Commerce Members and $10 for non-members.

Purchase your tickets today!

All-Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have In Your Home

Cleaning probably isn’t high on your list of favorite past times, and it can be made more unpleasant from harmful ingredients often included in conventional cleaning products, such as various detergents and ammonia. Not to mention that constantly buying new cleaning products can cost a pretty penny!

We’re here to help and make your home cleaning process a little more enjoyable with suggestions for all-natural cleaning products you already have in your home. Unlike traditional cleaning products, the following all-natural products aren’t detrimental to your health or the environment – and since you likely already have them in your home, they’ll save you a trip to the store as well!

Black tea window and hardwood floor cleaner.

Put away that Windex and use black tea to clean your windows instead! The acid in the tea helps dissolve grease and dirt. While you’re at it, you can use black tea to clean your hardwood floors as well!

Scented vinegar laundry rinse.

Instead of using fabric softeners in your next load of laundry–which can include harsh chemicals–consider a splash of scented vinegar instead. Try using either fresh herbs or essential oils for the scent!

Cookie sheet cleaner.

Tarnished cookie sheets? Make a paste out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, spread it evening over your pan, and wipe away after a few hours.

Homemade countertop disinfectant.

Spray your countertop with a layer of hydrogen peroxide, then a layer of vinegar, and wipe clean for a countertop disinfectant, free of bleach.

Grapefruit Bathtub Scrub.

For a great-smelling and all-natural bathtub scrub, sprinkle half of a grapefruit with salt and scrub, squeezing as you go.

Drain unclogger.

There’s no need for Drano to unclog those drains if you have two simple ingredients instead–baking soda and vinegar!

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, Tipnut, Apartment Therapy

Decorating Tips for Your Brand New Home

Decorating Tips for Your Brand New Home

Buying a new home is exciting for a multitude of reasons, and one of those reasons is the freedom to decorate however you choose! It’s a great opportunity to infuse your personal style into your new living space–from the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom and beyond.

If you’re excited about the prospect of decorating your new active adult home, but are intimidated by interior design, don’t fret! You do not need a professional for your home to look incredible. Read on for our favorite tips for decorating your new house, and it’ll truly feel like home in no time!

Don’t forget about function.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you’ll want to think about the function of each room you’re decorating, before choosing the furniture and decor. For example, if you like to entertain and plan on hosting large parties, the function of your kitchen and dining room change. They’re not just for you and your family–they’ll need to be functional rooms for your parties.

Perhaps there’s a room in your new home that you thought would serve as a den, but have now decided a study would better serve your home needs. This will change the look and feel of the room, as well as the furniture needs. Analyze your lifestyle first, before deciding on the decor.

It’s all about lighting.

Lighting is a key factor to consider when decorating your new active adult home. Consider where all sources of natural light, and which part of the room will be brightest and dimmest throughout the day. Utilizing multiple layers of light–such as floor lamps and table lamps–will allow you to control the mood of each room.

Consider proportion and scale.

Any interior designer will tell you–never ignore the importance of proportion and scale. Especially in homes with large, open floor plans, such as our new homes in the Villages at Two Rivers. Be cognizant of the size of your furniture and accessories, and how that size compares with the overall proportion of the room. If the size of your furniture and accessories are disproportionate with the space you’re decorating, that space will lack harmony. When you buy furniture and accessories, think of how they’ll work together in the overall space, instead of how they will look separately.

Test paint colors.

Many homeowners have learned the hard way–paint doesn’t always look the same on the walls, as it did in the can or on the paint swatch! Before you have your heart set on a particular shade and start to decorate the rest of your room, test out our chosen color on the walls to double check it is a color you love! Keep in mind that the paint color on walls tends to look more subdued once all furniture and accessories are in place–so don’t be afraid of bold, rich colors.

Feel free to move the living room furniture from the walls.

For many homeowners, the instinct is to push the living room furniture flush with the walls. Make a room feel more cozy and inviting by moving the furniture away from the walls and closer together to create a conversational space. Consider placing a large area rug under the living room area to further unify the pieces together.

SOURCE: The Washington Post

Ideas for the Ultimate Tailgating Party


Fall is officially underway, and with the cooler weather comes a favorite time of year for many – football season! There’s no better way to celebrate than with the ultimate tailgating party at your home in The Villages at Two Rivers. Our beautiful, newly constructed homes offer the perfect space to host family and friends to cheer on your favorite team and enjoy each other’s company.

Whether you’re a football fanatic or more interested in the party aspect, read on to learn tips for hosting the ultimate tailgating party:

Football finger food

You can’t host a proper tailgate without plenty of food options. When it comes to tailgating party food, your opportunities are endless – just search “football party food” on Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean! Though the abundance of options may seem overwhelming, we’d suggest sticking with a variety of finger foods that are easy to consume, in addition to being tasty.

Your guests may be expecting the classics, such as buffalo chicken dip, wings, nachos and the like, but don’t be afraid to mix it up with some out-of-the-box recipes as well. You can also look for healthier alternatives of your favorites, for a more nutritious spin.

Luckily, residents at The Villages at Two Rivers can turn to fresh food options at many of the retailers at the local Waugh Chapel, including Wegman’s which always has fresh entertaining ideas ready at hand, and bulk organic produce perfectly priced for your upcoming party.

Keep your guests’ thirst quenched

Whether they prefer alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic refreshments, your guests will likely expect something refreshing, so keep those coolers stocked and plenty of ice on hand. Many of our homes offer screened-in-porch options which are perfect for stashing those coolers stocked with ice and extra beverages, during your party. It’s also a great place for guests to mingle as they relax and enjoy the atmosphere of your new home! To keep those coolers nice and chilled, try labeling each cooler to prevent guests from constantly opening and closing them. Be sure to save an extra beverage bucket or space on a table in the event guests also bring refreshments your gathering.

And of course, don’t forget the drink accessories! Place cups, bottle openers, wine glasses, and koozies by the coolers for easy access.

Decorate before you tailgate

Feeling crafty? There are so many options for DIY tailgate party decorations for your ultimate tailgating party! Do some Google searching for inspiration, swing by your local craft store for supplies, and most of all, have some fun! If you’re not much of a DIY-er, trying to incorporate the colors of your favorite team into the food and party decorations. This is always an easy way to show your team spirit!

More than football fun

Be sure to provide options guests who may not be quite as interested in football. A game of cornhole is always a classic crowd pleaser and a fun way for guests to enjoy social time together.

What to Recycle

Do you ever wonder what materials can and cannot be recycled? It can be confusing, especially if you’ve recently moved to a new home and are not familiar with the recycling regulations in your new town. Our residents at The Villages at Two Rivers adhere to the recycling regulations of Anne Arundel County, which state that the following materials can be recycled:

1. Antifreeze – uncontaminated, so it can’t be mixed with fuel or any other substance. Contaminated antifreeze is not recyclable.

2. Appliances – such as refrigerators, air conditioners and humidifiers. Appliances are eligible for curbside pickup, but you have to call the county to schedule a pick up.

3. Lead-acid and rechargeable batteries such as those used for auto, motorcycles, and security systems. The most common types of batteries are single-use batteries – the batteries that are used in clocks, toys and the like – and they are not recyclable in Anne Arundel County.

4. Cardboard

5. Clothing and textiles, including stuffed animals, linens and bedding

6. Metal or plastic containers and fuel and oil tanks – though they must be dry and empty to be recycled

7. Liquid cooking oil

8. Oyster shells

9. Plastic and wood pallets

10. Propane tanks

11. Scrap metal

12. Tires – both on and off the rim

13. Yard waste

14. Furniture

15. Uncontaminated motor oil – not mixed with fuel, water or any other product

16. Single-use, non refillable helium tanks

17. Electronics, such as cell phones, DVD and CD players, keyboards, computer mice, stereos, laptop computers, computer cables and cords, and similar electronic and computer related accessories. It should be noted that while computer monitors and TVs are acceptable for curbside disposal, they are not able to be recycled.

18. Standard household recyclables, which include paper, plastic, metal and glass materials.

For more information, visit the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works website!

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