All-Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have In Your Home

All-Natural Cleaning Products You Already Have In Your Home

Cleaning probably isn’t high on your list of favorite past times, and it can be made more unpleasant from harmful ingredients often included in conventional cleaning products, such as various detergents and ammonia. Not to mention that constantly buying new cleaning products can cost a pretty penny!

We’re here to help and make your home cleaning process a little more enjoyable with suggestions for all-natural cleaning products you already have in your home. Unlike traditional cleaning products, the following all-natural products aren’t detrimental to your health or the environment – and since you likely already have them in your home, they’ll save you a trip to the store as well!

Black tea window and hardwood floor cleaner.

Put away that Windex and use black tea to clean your windows instead! The acid in the tea helps dissolve grease and dirt. While you’re at it, you can use black tea to clean your hardwood floors as well!

Scented vinegar laundry rinse.

Instead of using fabric softeners in your next load of laundry–which can include harsh chemicals–consider a splash of scented vinegar instead. Try using either fresh herbs or essential oils for the scent!

Cookie sheet cleaner.

Tarnished cookie sheets? Make a paste out of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, spread it evening over your pan, and wipe away after a few hours.

Homemade countertop disinfectant.

Spray your countertop with a layer of hydrogen peroxide, then a layer of vinegar, and wipe clean for a countertop disinfectant, free of bleach.

Grapefruit Bathtub Scrub.

For a great-smelling and all-natural bathtub scrub, sprinkle half of a grapefruit with salt and scrub, squeezing as you go.

Drain unclogger.

There’s no need for Drano to unclog those drains if you have two simple ingredients instead–baking soda and vinegar!

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