Live the Life You Deserve, With the Garden You Want

Live the Life You Deserve, With the Garden You Want

Sure, spring is great for flowers that bloom and breezes that grow ever warmer; summer’s pretty awesome too — pool parties, and cookouts, and trips to the beach — but fall? Fall is the most magical of them all.

Fall is for the colors red, and orange, and yellow.

Fall is for that sweet, crisp chill in the morning air.

Fall is for grandchildren who squeal with delight as leaves crunch beneath their feet.

Active Adult Community MD

Fall is for planting.

You’ve heard all about it: The Villages at Two Rivers offers residents the opportunity to try their hand at vegetable, or flower gardening in a one-of-a-kind agricultural park; here’s your opportunity to give it a go. Claim your plot of land, and know that fall has many distinct planting benefits.

Autumn’s cooler temperatures not only make spending time outdoors more comfortable for the active adult gardener, and for burgeoning plants, but the still-warm soil gives those same plants a head start to grow and take root before the first winter freeze. The list goes on: Pests and disease problems fade in the fall; the season’s frequent rain showers keep plants from getting thirsty; and there’s no need for fertilizer.

Plant your garden in Odenton, Maryland this fall.

Early fall is perfect for planting, but don’t wait too long; you’ll want to get those veggies and bulbs in the ground about six weeks before the first hard frost.

Wondering what to plant, and what should wait?

Consider the following for a little fall planting inspiration.

Plant spring bulbs in the fall.

Think daffodils, English bluebell, grape hyacinth, and dog’s-tooth violet. These, and other spring-blooming bulbs require a period of cold dormancy before they might show off those gorgeous colors.

Plant cool-season vegetables in the fall.

Think broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, kale, and lettuce. Though it’s best to plant some such vegetables in early August to allow them time to mature, the leafiest of the greens can be planted now for harvest later in the season. In fact, most root vegetables taste sweetest when harvested after first frost.

As an active adult at The Villages at Two Rivers:

You’ll live the life you deserve, with the garden you want.