Live Enviably, in Odenton, Maryland’s Newest Active Adult Community

Live Enviably, in Odenton, Maryland’s Newest Active Adult Community

Spring has sprung in Odenton.

And with it:

An upswing in the number of Marylanders interested in what Anne Arundel County’s newest, hippest active adult community has to offer. More and more active adults are choosing now to call The Villages at Two Rivers home, and how! The spring selling season is strong; the pricing is competitive; and your time is now.

Fifty[-five] is the new 30.

You’re only as old as you feel.

These sayings, they’re platitudes to be sure. But now: Now they’re backed up by science. Researchers from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and Stony Brook University have confirmed what we’ve all known to be true.

“Age can be measured as the time already lived or it can be adjusted taking into account the time left to live,” the study’s lead author, the IIASA’s Sergei Scherbov said in a release. “Someone who is 60-years-old today, I would argue is middle-aged. Two hundred years ago, a 60-year-old would be a very old person.”

You’re not very old.

Hey, you active adult: You’re not even middle aged!

Your time is now.

Maryland Active Adult Community

Live an enviable life as an active adult in Odenton, Maryland.

You’ll be the talk of the yacht club when you move home to an active adult community (The Villages at Two Rivers, of course) in Odenton, Maryland.

From a state-of-the-art fitness center, to an indoor/outdoor swimming pool that’s open year round; and an agricultural space perfect for gardening, to a top-of-the-line culinary center with a demonstration kitchen, you’ll soon realize that life as an active adult might just be the best life of all.

Your time is now.

Choose an active adult community. Choose The Villages at Two Rivers.

That culinary center sure sounds appealing. And your own garden? That’s a must have on your list. But you’re still asking yourself: What’s so special about an active adult community?

Active adult communities such as The Villages at Two Rivers (Odenton, Maryland) are much like every other subdivision on the block, with one important difference: The minimum age is 55. Active adults in the 55+ set enjoy a vibrant, dynamic lifestyle, with the added benefit of a little peace and quiet.

And, as an added bonus: Low-maintenance living.

No stairs. No lawn care.

Need I say more?

Your time is now.

Come home to Odenton, Maryland. Come home to The Villages at Two Rivers.