Bring the Outdoors Indoors

Bring the Outdoors Indoors

So, you’ve bought your beautiful new home in The Villages at Two Rivers – congratulations! Now it’s time to decorate so your new home is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.

One popular and easy interior design style you can utilize when decorating your new home is to bring in the outdoors! Follow these tips to decorate your home with a natural, outdoor influence:

Use colors inspired by nature.

Choose paint colors and accent pieces for your home that are reminiscent of elements of nature. For example, neutral beiges and tan colors remind us of the earth, while certain shades of green remind us of grass and plants. Blues are reminiscent of the sky and ocean, and certain shades of yellow are reminiscent of the sun. Using a variety of these colors can help bring a natural, earth-inspired influence to your home.

Stick to natural flooring.

Instead of tile and laminate, opt for wood, cork or bamboo flooring. Staying away from manmade materials helps keep the vibe natural.

Incorporate natural elements for décor accessories.

Depending on the specific theme of the room, you can incorporate elements from nature such as seashells, jars of sand, driftwood, flowers and decorative rocks to give your room a natural feel. You can also use paintings and photographs of natural scenes and elements to achieve the same effect.

Make the most of natural light.

Take advantage of the natural light from your large windows in your new home in The Villages at Two Rivers! Use light colored, sheer fabrics for draperies to ensure your rooms benefit from maximum amount of natural light.

Use outdoor scents. Consider using candles, incense and potpourri that have outdoor or floral scents to bring the whole package together.