All About Yoga

All About Yoga

Did you know the practice of yoga can be traced back more than 5,000 years? Anyone who has practiced yoga knows there’s good reason why it’s lasted so long! Yogis enjoy plenty of physical and mental benefits from the practice, which focuses on strengthening the body and quieting the mind.

Whether you’re an experienced yogi, have never tried yoga, or are somewhere in between, you may be interested in learning more!

Fact #1: There are three main structures of yoga. The three main structures of yoga–exercise, breathing and meditation–all work together to create a strong and balanced mind and body. There’s a heavy emphasis on breathing in yoga, because a core concept of yoga is that breath is the source of life in the body.

Fact #2: There’s not just one type of yoga. Yoga comes in many forms! There are over a hundred variations of yoga, and while they are all rooted in the same concepts and beliefs there are considerable differences between the variations. When most people think of yoga they often think of Hatha yoga, but Tantra and Raja yoga are just as popular!

Fact #3: Improved flexibility isn’t the only physical benefit! You have probably heard that yoga will your flexibility, strength and balance, but did you know that many physicians recommend yoga to patients who suffer from arthritis, heart disease and other conditions?

Fact #4: The practice has been refined for thousands of years. The tradition of yoga has been passed down from student to teacher only through physical demonstration and oral communication for thousands of years. This means that the formal practice of yoga today has been refined over many years and is based solely on the experiences of an innumerable number of teachers and students.

Now that you know all about yoga, it’s time to practice. Residents at The Villages at Two Rivers are encouraged to check out our new state-of-the-art fitness center to practice a little yoga!

SOURCE: The American Yoga Association