Active Adult Community: Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement Home

Active Adult Community: Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement Home

Active Adult Community: Not Your Grandparents’ Retirement Home


A century ago, if you lived to be 55 years old, you were beating the odds, but maybe not doing much else. The average human lifespan was 54 years; the idea of “retirement” involved rocking chairs, and nursing homes, but no more. By 2011, the average lifespan had grown to 78. (Thanks, modern medicine!) Give it 35 more years, and one in five people alive on the planet will be over 60.


Today’s seniors — ahem, active adults — have options! If you want a rocking chair, who are we to say you can’t have one? But if you want a bicycle, or a set of golf clubs instead, it can be yours at The Villages at Two Rivers.


Enjoy an active retirement in Odenton, Maryland.


If you are over 55, and trying to decide whether an active adult community like The Villages at Two Rivers, consider the following questions:


-Do I like to have fun?

-Can I take care of my own day-to-day needs?

-Do I want to be with other people my own age?

-Would I like to be in a community that provides social, educational and healthy living opportunities?

-Do I want to continue enjoying activities like golf, swimming, tennis and outings to the theater?


Yes? Then an active adult community in Odenton, Maryland might be just the thing.


The world is your oyster at The Villages at Two Rivers.


Active adults communities are perfect for those in the 55+ set who don’t need assistance with the day-to-day activities of life (personal care, meals, dressing, and the like), and those who crave the finer things in life.


When you choose to make your next home at The Villages at Two Rivers, you’ll have access to a wide variety of activities and social opportunities:


-A state-of-the-art fitness center

-An indoor/outdoor pool that’s open year-round

-An agricultural park with space for your very own garden

-A culinary center with a one-of-a-kind demonstration kitchen

-Four hard tennis courts

-Miles of walking, biking and hiking trails

-A 160-acre environmental park with ponds and wetlands

-and so much more!


Your career is established. Your children are raised, and raising families of their own. Fifty-five is the new 30. Really. Don’t settle for a quiet retirement; the best part of your life has only just begun.


Come home to Odenton, Maryland. Come home to The Villages at Two Rivers.

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