Favorable Home Equity Conditions Could Mean the Perfect Time to Sell

Making the Most of Spring at the Villages at Two Rivers

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Low Mortgage Rates Make It a Great Time to Buy a New Home

How An Active Adult Community Can Improve Your Retirement Years

Favorable Home Equity Conditions Could Mean the Perfect Time to Sell

Have you checked into your home equity lately? According to an article from the Washington Post, recent changes in the market mean that your equity could be higher than you think!

Home equity – which is defined as the difference between the balance on your mortgage and the market value of your home – is important for various reasons. Positive equity happens when the market value of your home is higher than the balance of your mortgage, and when you have a lot of high positive equity, you broaden your financial options.

For example, it’s easier for homeowners with positive equity to sell their home than homeowners with little or no equity – who will have a harder time selling without having a lot of cash to bring to the closing.

Fortunately, many Americans have been enjoying positive home equity, according to the Washington Post article. Recent home equity statistics from the article include the following:

– The Federal Reserve estimates that hold equity holdings nationwide are at $12.5 trillion – which has doubled from 2011 to the final quarter of 2015.

– About a million people who previously had negative equity crossed into the positive equity territory in 2015, according to estimates from CoreLogic.

– If home prices rise another 5% in 2016, home equity should rise significantly for about 850,000 homes.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, the current favorable home equity conditions could mean it’s the perfect time. And if you’re an active adult looking to sell your current home and buy a new home in a 55+ community in Maryland, The Villages at Two Rivers is your perfect choice!

If you find yourself with a positive home equity and decide to buy a new home, our new construction homes at The Villages at Two Rivers can help make the most of your buying decision. Our top notch builders have created one-of- a-kind, beautifully crafted single-family homes in our 55+community, specifically designed with our active adult residents in mind.

If you’re serious about selling and interested in finding out what your home equity is, the Washington Post article suggests several methods, including researching your home’s market worth on sites like Zillow, and compare that with your monthly principal balance on your mortgage. Your next step after figuring out your equity is to stop by The Villages at Two Rivers to take a tour of our beautiful new construction homes you could buy!

SOURCE: The Washington Post

Making the Most of Spring at the Villages at Two Rivers

Now that the Maryland weather has (seemingly and thankfully) decided to stay on the warm side after a tumultuous beginning to the season, we think it’s pretty safe to say that spring has officially sprung! And here at The Villages at Two Rivers, we couldn’t be happier! Though our active adult community is a great place to be year-round, there’s something special about the trees starting to bloom and the 70 degree sunny weather, after a long and chilly winter.

For our active adult residents, spring is a perfect time to be – well, active! Here are just a few of the ways our 55+ residents make the most of spring at The Villages at Two Rivers:

All things Annapolis.

If you ask us, beautiful downtown Annapolis was made for sunny spring days! Take a stroll along the waterfront, grab a bite to eat at one of the many dining options, or take a stroll up and down Main Street for some great shopping. With the warmer weather also comes a plethora of events and festivals to take advantage of – you can check out a calendar here. Luckily for our active adult residents, downtown Annapolis is located just a quick drive from our community, so you can easily access all the warm weather activities whenever you’d like!

Enjoy our beautiful park.

Our community includes a 160-acre environmental park, which is a favorite of many residents. Stroll through the beautiful grounds and enjoy the ponds and wetlands to take in the natural beauty of our community on a sunny spring day!

Take a beach day trip.

Because of our community’s ideal central location in Maryland, we’re located only a few hours from the beautiful beaches of Maryland and Delaware. Beat the summer rush and take a day trip to any one of these beaches this spring, and enjoy the sun, sand and sun in no time!

Go a for a (bike) ride.

If you’ve never gone biking before, this spring might just be the perfect time to pick up a new hobby! With our miles of biking, hiking and walking trails, The Villages at Two Rivers offers beautiful scenery for residents to take in while biking through our community.

Don’t Forget to RSVP to the Two Rivers Club House Opening!

Villages at Two Rivers 55+ Community

Low Mortgage Rates Make It a Great Time to Buy a New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home, the recent activity of long-term Treasury yields is cause for celebration. Though they may sound unrelated, long-term Treasury yields and the homebuying market have an important relationship – home loan rates often follow the trend of long-term notes, such as Treasury yields, according to a recent article from the Washington Post.

Since the yield on the 10-year Treasury bond plummeted almost 11 basis points recently, this means that mortgage rates also drastically declined – in fact, they fell to the lowest rates in over a year! These low rates translate to an excellent opportunity to a buy a new home for potential new homebuyers.

The 30-year fixed-rate average, 15-year fixed-rate average and five-year adjustable rate all registered sharp drops in April, which marks a new low for 2016 and indicates a strong housing market in the second quarter, according to the Washington Post article.

Homebuyers who are looking to take advantage of this favorable climate and are also interested in an active adult community in Maryland need to look no further than The Villages at Two Rivers! Our 55+ community offers stunning new construction homes from the Classic Group, NVHomes and Ryan Homes, allowing you to enjoy the projected positive housing market this year with a new home that offers all the features you’re looking for.

But as beautiful as our homes are here, they’re not our whole story. Active adult residents in our community also enjoy the convenience of our central location in Crofton, Maryland, as well as various amenities – including a spacious clubhouse that will be opening soon!

The bottom line? Because of recent low mortgage rates, now is a great time to buy a home – and if you’re looking to a buy a home in an active adult community in Maryland, there’s no better place to do just that than The Villages at Two Rivers!

SOURCE: Washington Post

How An Active Adult Community Can Improve Your Retirement Years

If you and your spouse are retired and wondering what your next steps should be, you’re in good company! The years after retirement are certainly exciting, but a completely new journey can oftentimes be overwhelming. Many retirees decide that their next step is to move out of the home they raised a family in, but where do they go from there? Here at The Villages at Two Rivers, we truly believe that the next step for retirees wishing to make the most of their new chapter should be an active adult community!

Moving to a 55+ community in your retirement year is a lifestyle change for many, and one that brings so many exciting benefits:

New Neighbors and Friends

When you move into an active adult community, you’ll meet new neighbors that will quickly become lifelong friends. Unlike traditional communities, 55+ communities have the added benefit of residents being the same age range, which means your new neighbors are in a similar life stage to you. These new neighbors and friends will not only open your eyes to new experiences, but they’re right around the corner when you’re looking for some social time!

Plenty of Activities

Active adult communities are notorious for all the fun they can be, and it’s not hard to see why. With amenities galore and exciting social events, retirees who choose an active adult community will never have a dull day. To learn about all of the exciting amenities you can expect to find at The Villages at Two Rivers, check out our Amenities page!

Great Locations

For recent retirees who wish to start a new chapter in a new place, active adult communities are the perfect option. Many are ideally located, close to various towns and cities, while still maintaining a suburban feel. There are plenty of great retirement communities throughout Maryland, but we truly feel that The Villages at Two Rivers in Odenton, close to the Crofton area, boasts an unbeatable location! Centrally located and close to Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., our residents have plenty of exciting options for exploring.

Brand New Homes

Many 55+ communities, such as The Villages at Two Rivers, offer stunning new construction homes for residents to enjoy. For many retirees looking to make the most of out of their retirement years, moving to an active adult community allows for them to live in the home of their dreams – complete with updates and features that make their lives easier. Consider the new construction homes at The Villages at Two Rivers, for example – our homes from the Classic Group, NVHomes and Ryan Homes all offer spacious floor plans, updated features and beautiful designs.

Your retirement years are a time to break the mold and make a new story, and an active adult community is just the place to do it – just ask our residents at The Villages at Two Rivers!

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