Love Where You Live When You Live the Ryan Homes Difference

Be Prepared! Winterize Your Home for Winter.

Maryland’s Favorite Active Adult Community Marks Exciting Home Sales Milestone

Why Should I Get Vaccinated Against The Flu?

Carriage Homes Release Party

Live the Life You Deserve, With the Garden You Want

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One Of The 10 Best Active Adult Communities For 2015

Live Healthy as an Active Adult at The Villages at Two Rivers

Love Where You Live When You Live the Ryan Homes Difference

It all began in 1948 when a family became a business.

Today, so many years later, that small, family-run business is Ryan Homes, one of the nation’s top five homebuilders. What makes them so special, you ask? What is it about active adults in Maryland who flock to The Villages at Two Rivers, and to Ryan Homes?

It’s the Ryan Homes difference.

It’s a passionate commitment.

Ryan Homes demonstrates a passionate commitment to building exceptional homes, and perhaps most importantly, to building relationships with the Maryland active adults who choose to spend the best years of their lives in Odenton, Maryland. Knowledgeable and willing to speak with experience about the craft that has become their life’s work, Ryan Homes works tirelessly to communicate that passion to The Villages at Two Rivers residents, present and future. Your new home is important to you, and it’s just as important to Ryan Homes.

It’s the impeccable quality.

At Ryan Homes, they understand that the Maryland homebuyers in the 55+ set need, desire, and expect a certain level of quality — an expectation the homebuilder meets and exceeds in spades. Take one step inside a new construction home from Ryan Homes (at The Villages at Two Rivers), and you’ll see for yourself: The Ryan Homes difference.

It’s the individual attention.

This choice to sell one’s family home, and move to an active adult community is as stressful as it is exciting; as far as Ryan Homes as concerned, the home buying process should be the easiest part of all. When you purchase a Ryan Homes home at The Villages at Two Rivers, a builder representative will personally escort each customer through the process, from loan application to move-in day, and beyond. And hey, it sure doesn’t hurt that Ryan Homes offers an in-house mortgage company, NVR Mortgage, which enables them to offer comprehensive, personalized financing programs.

For nearly six decades, Maryland’s favorite homebuilder has made it their mission to make your mission — moving into your very own new construction home — as simple and easy as it can be.

 Choose Ryan Homes. Choose The Villages at Two Rivers. 

Live the life you deserve; after all, you’ve earned it.

Live the Ryan Homes difference.

Be Prepared! Winterize Your Home for Winter.

Villages at Two Rivers How to winterize your home

Maryland’s Favorite Active Adult Community Marks Exciting Home Sales Milestone

Maryland Active Adult Community

Maryland’s Favorite Active Adult Community, The Villages at Two Rivers Marks Exciting Home Sales Milestone

It’s exciting times around The Villages at Two Rivers, and we want to shout it from the rooftops. Maryland’s newest, most welcoming community exclusively for the 55+ set has sold 100 homes.

That’s 100 — no, more than 100 active adults who have made the choice to embark on the best years of their lives, in one of the most beautiful places on earth. That is, Odenton, Maryland and the active adult community set there, on nearly 1500 acres of idyllic land perfect for living leisurely, and in the lap of luxury.

Join the fun; buy a home at The Village at Two Rivers today.

Ask any one of our new neighbors, and they’ll tell you: The Villages at Two Rivers is the perfect retreat for active adults who want in on the action, but also a little peace and quiet. The life you’ll lead at this extraordinary 55+ active adult lifestyle community is unrivaled.

The homes here, they’re all you’ve ever dreamed. When you make the decision to call The Villages at Two Rivers home as so many Marylanders have, you’ll choose from a variety of luxurious floorplans; opt for a single-family home, a villa, or a carriage home — all available with one level of living space for comfort and convenience guaranteed to suit your lifestyle.

And that’s not even to mention the amenities. Oh, the amenities are plenty. Go for a hike or a ride along one of our miles of walking and biking trails, or take a break in our spacious environmental park to feed the ducks (Well, when they come back in the spring, you can feed the ducks). Do your part to stay fit and on top of your game, with a little time spent in the state-of-the-art fitness center, but also in our culinary center where you’ll learn to prepare hearty, heart-healthy.

Make new friends. Learn a new skill. Live your best life:

Come home to Anne Arundel County’s premier 55+ community.


Why Should I Get Vaccinated Against The Flu?

Because influenza is a serious disease that can lead to sickness, hospitalization, and sometimes even death. Influenza is also highly unpredictable. Every flu season is different and infection affects every individual differently. If you think, “But I’m healthy, and I’ve never had the flu! Why get vaccinated now?” heed our advice and, frankly, think again.

Even healthy people looking forward to a new and exciting life as an active adult at The Villages at Two Rivers can get very sick from the flu and spread it to others; that’s not a great way to say hello to your new neighbors.

Protect yourself. Protect the community.

Get vaccinated against the flu.

How does the flu vaccine work?

The flu vaccine works by inspiring the development of antibodies about two weeks after injection; these antibodies then provide protection against infection.

What kinds of flu vaccines are available?

Scientists and medical professionals conduct research each year to determine which influenza viruses will be most common during the upcoming season. From the data gathered, flu vaccines are formulated and made available to the public.

Traditional, or trivalent flu vaccines are made to prevent infection spread from three different flu viruses (two influenza A viruses, and an influenza B). Additionally, there are quadrivalent flu vaccines available, which protect against four different viruses. From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), consider the following flu vaccines available to you for the 2015–2016 season:

-Standard-dose trivalent shots that are most often given with a needle. One standard dose trivalent shot also can be given with a jet injector, for persons aged 18 through 64 years.

-A high-dose trivalent shot, approved for people 65 and older.

-A recombinant trivalent shot that is egg-free, approved for people 18 years and older

-A quadrivalent flu shot, approved for most people of different ages

-An intradermal quadrivalent shot, which is injected into the skin instead of the muscle and uses a much smaller needle than the regular flu shot. It is approved for people 18 through 64 years of age.

Who should get vaccinated for the flu?

According to a 2010 recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), “everyone six months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every season.” The Committee voted for this universal flu vaccination standard in an effort to expand protection against the flu to more people, but it should be noted that vaccination is especially important for adults over the age of 65 and those with certain medical conditions including asthma, heart disease, chronic lung disease, and others.

Don’t let the flu happen to you. Talk to your doctor today.

Carriage Homes Release Party

Carriage Homes Active Adult CommunityMaryland Carriage Homes
55+ Community Maryland

Live the Life You Deserve, With the Garden You Want

Sure, spring is great for flowers that bloom and breezes that grow ever warmer; summer’s pretty awesome too — pool parties, and cookouts, and trips to the beach — but fall? Fall is the most magical of them all.

Fall is for the colors red, and orange, and yellow.

Fall is for that sweet, crisp chill in the morning air.

Fall is for grandchildren who squeal with delight as leaves crunch beneath their feet.

Active Adult Community MD

Fall is for planting.

You’ve heard all about it: The Villages at Two Rivers offers residents the opportunity to try their hand at vegetable, or flower gardening in a one-of-a-kind agricultural park; here’s your opportunity to give it a go. Claim your plot of land, and know that fall has many distinct planting benefits.

Autumn’s cooler temperatures not only make spending time outdoors more comfortable for the active adult gardener, and for burgeoning plants, but the still-warm soil gives those same plants a head start to grow and take root before the first winter freeze. The list goes on: Pests and disease problems fade in the fall; the season’s frequent rain showers keep plants from getting thirsty; and there’s no need for fertilizer.

Plant your garden in Odenton, Maryland this fall.

Early fall is perfect for planting, but don’t wait too long; you’ll want to get those veggies and bulbs in the ground about six weeks before the first hard frost.

Wondering what to plant, and what should wait?

Consider the following for a little fall planting inspiration.

Plant spring bulbs in the fall.

Think daffodils, English bluebell, grape hyacinth, and dog’s-tooth violet. These, and other spring-blooming bulbs require a period of cold dormancy before they might show off those gorgeous colors.

Plant cool-season vegetables in the fall.

Think broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cabbage, kale, and lettuce. Though it’s best to plant some such vegetables in early August to allow them time to mature, the leafiest of the greens can be planted now for harvest later in the season. In fact, most root vegetables taste sweetest when harvested after first frost.

As an active adult at The Villages at Two Rivers:

You’ll live the life you deserve, with the garden you want.

Our Biggest Event Yet

Join Us For our biggest event yet! Saturday Sept. 19 from 12pm – 4pm!
New Homes Event

New Homes In MD Event

One Of The 10 Best Active Adult Communities For 2015

The Villages At Two Rivers has been recently names one of the 10 Best Active Adult Communities For 2015 by

Check out the list on the top 10 new active adult communities this year from across the country.

The Villages at Two Rivers – Odenton, MD

The Villages at Two Rivers is a 1,400-acre active adult community situated in beautiful Odenton, Maryland. Consisting of 2,000 single-family and attached residences at completion, 55+ homebuyers will be able to select from a variety of models offered by four well-known builders. Classic Group and Comstock Homes are offering attached villas that range from 1,614 to 2,346 square feet while Ryan Homes and NV Homes are offering single-family homes ranging from 1,407 to 2,582 square feet of living space. Residents of this age-restricted community will have access to resort-style amenities found at the 15,000 square-foot Founders Club. Some of the planned amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, a nature center, fitness center, tennis courts, an event lawn, picnic area, and walking and biking trails.

Live Healthy as an Active Adult at The Villages at Two Rivers

As a thriving member of the 55+ set, it’s your primary goal to remain healthy and active for many years to come. (After all, you’ve just moved into a brand new single-family home at The Villages at Two Rivers, and the opportunities for fun are boundless.) A healthy, active lifestyle means plenty of exercise, sure, but more importantly:


The foundation for an enduringly healthy, active lifestyle over 55 (and at any age) is laid on a healthy, balanced diet.


The benefits of healthy eating are many, and include increased mental acuteness; resistance to illness and disease; higher energy levels; faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. And the benefits aren’t all physical; as active adults living in Odenton, Maryland, eating well can also contribute to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.


Consider the following tips for eating healthy as an active adult in Maryland.


Reduce your sodium intake.


Excess sodium (or, salt) intake can lead to water retention and higher blood pressure. Instead, look for “low sodium” labels, and season your meals with garlic, herbs and spices instead of table salt.


Enjoy good fats.


Olive oil, avocados, salmon, walnuts, and flaxseed: The good, monounsaturated fats from these yummy sources can protect your heart from disease by controlling the so-called ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels while raising the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol levels.


Stay away from simple carbohydrates.


Simple carbohydrates aren’t healthy for anyone, let alone an active adult such as yourself. These foods — such as white flour, refined sugar, and white rice — have been stripped of all bran, fiber, and nutrients. With all the good stuff gone, what’s the point? The point is, they digest quickly and cause spikes in blood sugar levels.


Fill your garden, and your plate with color.


As a new resident of The Villages at Two Rivers, active adults are offered the unique opportunity to grow and share the fruits (literally) of their labor in a communal agricultural park and produce market. Fruits and vegetables rich in color provide rich nutrients the body needs to survive, and thrive for years to come.


Cook smart.

Grow those veggies, or buy them. And then take them home to steam or sauté in olive oil. Forget frying or boiling, as these methods of cooking will only add fat or eliminate vitamins and minerals.


Live healthy. Live active.


Live at The Villages at Two Rivers.


Two Rivers

Two Rivers